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A Bee Story creating huge buzz

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A Bee Story creating huge buzz

An upcoming Kingston Butter Factory (KBF) Cultural Precinct show is creating buzz around the world – and instilling an appreciation for the humble honeybee.

A Bee Story, created and directed by Arc co-founders Robbie Curtis and Lizzie McRae, combines circus, dance and theatre to tell the story of Queen Bee and Worker Bee rebuilding their hive after a bushfire.

‘We started our entertainment company, Arc Circus, because we wanted to tell important stories through circus, dance and theatre,’ Robbie says.

‘We’re doing that with this show, which was inspired by the 2019-20 bushfires and all the habitation loss. The dynamic between Queen Bee and Worker Bee having to work together to rebuild gave us a strong story with an underlying message of sustainability and environmentalism.

‘We hope the bushfire angle inspires people to start serious conversations at home about the importance of our environment, and of our bees.’

As Robbie and Lizzie flit around stage to perform technically challenging antics – think juggling, dancing, and balancing on a stack of chairs – A Bee Story is as thought-provoking as it is charming.

The show itself is a sustainable statement and a tribute to the natural world, with upcycled costumes and elaborate props based on native Australian flowers.

Arc Circus, fresh from a well-received stint at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, will be bringing A Bee Story to KBF’s Butterbox Theatre on Thursday 16 March 2023 at 10:30 am.

Robbie, who has more than 15 years of experience in major productions like Cirque du Soleil and Australian Ballet, is delighted by the reception so far.

‘The show is world-class quality – we had a reviewer from Edinburgh even describe the show as a mini Cirque du Soleil,’ he says.

‘The experience has been beautiful, as we’ve been able to convey a narrative through a showcase of our skills.’

A Bee Story has already been commissioned for a sequel and the couple are set to start an international tour for their next production, Garden Party.

Get your tickets for A Bee Story now.

Robbie’s words of wisdom for aspiring performers

There’s no such thing as talent, it’s hard work and practise. If you like something, just practise and you’ll get better at it. I’ve never been best in class but I’ve been able to just practise things over and over again – repetition and failure will teach you very quickly and those lessons are very important too. Your career is a marathon, not a sprint – I’m getting close to 35 years old and I feel like I have plenty more years in me. Some people think being an acrobat or dancer is for young people, but there are people of all ages working in the arts.

NEWS 7 February 2023

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