Song to the Earth

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Song to the Earth to light up the senses

An immersive, multi-sensory experience combining music, lights, and nature across 3 acts, Song to the Earth is unlike any other live show.

Audience members walk alongside musicians as they play, surrounded by light sculptures , and become a part of the performance.

Composer and artistic director Corrina Bonshek says the show, coming to the Kingston Butter Factory Cultural Precinct in September, was designed for all ages to enjoy and feel part of and was inspired by the sounds and movement of nature.

‘People are able to wander around following their ears, among the light sculptures, and really feel part of something bigger,’ she says.

‘When I wrote it, I was inspired by watching a flock of birds circling above me; I was struck by how exquisite it was and wondered what it would be like to feel like you were right in the middle of them, and if I could write music to make you feel like that.

‘Usually, you go to a concert and sit and watch everything happening in front of you; with Song to the Earth, when you enter the circle, the music is all around you.’

Co-producer and solo violinist Greta Kelly, who performs with DeepBlue in Song to the Earth, says breaking down barriers between artist and audience is part of DeepBlue’s philosophy.

‘Our performances have always been a little unconventional as we try to remove those barriers between performers and the audience,’ she says.

‘Often we find the audience will stand right next to us to really feel a part of the music and they get a sense of what it is like to be in the performance.’

Local students from Edens Landing State School, Loganlea State high School and Yarrabilba State Secondary College are also part of the show – attending a series of musical workshops before joining the performers.

‘Students who participate report feeling really motivated after doing the program, inspired to continue with their instrument, and have a stronger sense of musicality,’ says Greta, who runs the workshops.

Corrina says feedback from the show from other locations has been that people leave feeling grounded, relaxed and charmed.

‘People love that sense of being surrounded by music and nature sounds,’ she says.

‘I am really excited to bring the show to Kingston Butter Factory because there is so much nature around, and with all the gorgeous birdlife we are fully expecting the birds to join in.’

Song to the Earth also features a percussive gong orchestra led by Michael Askill.

The show is coming to Kingston Butter Factory on Sunday 11 September. To register interest in attending, head here.

Song To The Earth_Square
NEWS 24 August 2022

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